Sunday, October 31, 2004

Kerry Takes YDN Endorsement

Another group of bulldogs is backing Sen. John F. Kerry!

The editors of the Yale Daily News on Friday published an endorsement of the school's 1966 graduate:

[W]e strongly endorse John Kerry because we believe he has the ability to do what Bush has not: ask questions, build coalitions and consider different perspectives. Much has been made of the fact that whoever wins next Tuesday, a Yalie will occupy the Oval Office. Yet we see stark differences in how Bush and Kerry live up to the ideals of their alma mater. Yale prides itself on rewarding intellectual curiosity and fostering open debate. And though the White House is not a seminar room, we value a president's willingness to think critically about his beliefs and subject his proposals to scrutiny.

In Bush, we see a president who has been constrained by stubbornly refusing to admit his mistakes or entertain alternative ideas. But in these uncertain times, we need a president with the ability to be both strong and open-minded -- a president like John Kerry.

~ Mildred

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