Sunday, October 24, 2004

Bay Area Canines Prefer Kerry-Edwards

A bark out to my friends in California!

Monique Beeler of the Alameda Times-Star today writes ("Partisan Politics are Everywhere, From Pet Stores to Internet Games"):

If Bay Area dogs could vote, paws down, they would elect Sen. John Kerry as our next president. At least according to Bobby Wise, owner of George pet stores in Berkeley and San Francisco. George's staff has had trouble recently keeping politically related pet paraphernalia, from President Bush squeak toys to pro-Kerry doggie bandanas, on shop shelves. [...]

Wise bases his canine election analysis on the lively sales of the bandanas. Each doggie necktie features two check-your-favorite-candidate voting boxes, one for Bush and one for Kerry. A pair of paw prints screened onto the fabric land decisively in the pro-Kerry box.

Smart dogs . . . and dog-owners.

~ Mildred

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